A Love Letter to 2016

It seems no matter where I look on social media these past few weeks the message is clear. Everyone is done with 2016. 2016 was a year that presented the world and individuals with challenges. I believe these challenges were presented to help us level up, or change the game completely. Although not everyone seems to agree with that perspective, most just want the year to be done and for 2017 to be a new start. I personally think that ignoring the landscape of the world this year, and its powerful lessons would be a waste on our learning for humanity as well as for ourselves. We have a lot of work to do, and this year was like a bright flashlight shining down in our darkest places (cough cough American Politics cough cough).
For myself, looking back on this year fills me with so much gratitude for every challenge I was presented with. This year was a true roller coaster for me. I started off the year with the “new year new me” mindset, much like I have every single year of my life. Only this year I wanted to shed my past, and make up for lost time. Simple and easy right? I started by saying yes. To new friends, new adventures and experiences, new ideas and new relationships. This took me to my next step or saying yes and spontaneously booking a trip to Central America with three girls I had only met 1 time. It was exciting, and left me feeling powerful. I really was becoming this “new me” I had wanted. Adventurous, spontaneous, a little crazy, powerful and passionate. I had worked so hard, and two weeks in an exotic new place, with new friends was the perfect reward. And the trip really was a perfect trip. It was filled with so much love and laughter, new experiences and a new perspective. I was fully ready to go back home, and back to work, and get back into my normal groove of life. It was truly one of the highlights of my year.
What goes up, must come down. Three days home from my trip, and got sick. Not the sniffles, stay in bed a couple of days sick. The kind of sick that changes your entire world. Three months of hospitals, doctors, needles, more bed rest then I ever want to experience in my life, and an endless amount of tears. I struggled day after day to learn the lesson. Why was the universe telling me to slow down? I just took a life changing vacation. I was happy coming back to my “normal” life …wasn’t I? No surprise, with all the resistance I was having, the lesson was not clear. I couldn’t see it or feel it. Half way through July, I found a book. Anyone who knows me well knows this is how all of my personal This book talked about the universe speaking to us through people. Later that day everything became crystal clear. I received a message from my work, that left me with overwhelming anxiety and even some nausea. At this point, I had been off work on medical leave, for 2 months, with still no return to work date from my doctors.When I receieved this message from my boss at the time, it was like I was hit with a lightening bolt. I wasn’t happy at my job. I hadn’t been happy at my jobs for a long time. As soon as I said it out loud, a rush of calm and a sense of relief came over me. It was time to make a move, and take a step closer to where I wanted to be.
The next few months were full of recovery. Recovering my body from all of the trauma and medication it had been through in the previous months, recovering for my mind for the haze and confusion it had been in for so long, and recovering for my heart after putting off the work to heal for the previous 7 months. I started running again. I continued to read and practice and dive deeply into my spiritual journey, and I really practiced trusting and listening to not only the universe, but to my own intuition. After a few weeks, I started to panic about what exactly my next step was going to be for work. I was overwhelmed with different directions, and I senselessly applied to different jobs. It was like I had forgotten of the things I had learned, and was practicing only weeks before. Finally, after an incredible kundalini workshop, I was able to see my path a little more clear. This was my time to slow down, breath and trust the universe. Thankfully I had a vacation booked, to really help bring me into the present moment. The universe works in the most divine timing.
When I returned from vacation, I was presented with the perfect job opportunity. One that lit me up with excitement, was more aligned with my personal goals and beliefs, and one that offered far less job stress then I was used to in the past. It was exactly what I had been asking for. Everything was lining up. The difficult rollercoaster year, was all worth it, for this. I found my place, I learned the lessons. I was feeling strong, healthy, capable. Maybe I was going to get a break now, some peace to slowly ease into this new life. Not quite the case. Things are still coming up for me, challenges are still being presented to me, at a rate that always seems much faster than I can process. What has changed is that I am able to look at them as challenges to learn, to level up, to grow. I am going into 2017 with a whole new set of tools I have never had before, and a perspective shift. We need to do the work. We need to step up to the plate, and face our fears. We need to come back to love. We NEED to come back to love. This is how we change the world. This is how we better humanity.
So to 2016 I say thank you. Thank you for every curve ball you threw my way, every lesson you helped me learn, and every opportunity you gave me to love.

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